August 25/2007
Shopping to Belong
30 minute video documentary by Irene Sosa
Spanish with English subtitles.

Why do we shop? Why do Latinos shop? Shopping to belong, answers these questions in an engaging documentary that touches on issues of identity, citizenship, and the loss of homeland faced by the Latino immigrant.

“Shopping to Belong” is a documentary about the relationship between consumerism and the sense of belonging and citizenship in the Latino community. This documentary aims to explore the hypothesis that immigrants use shopping as a way to feel a part of this country, given that it is one of, if not the main, cultural activities in the United States.

This documentary shows this process through interviews with 10 first generation immigrants who come from various parts of Latin America: El Salvador, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. They all have different immigration histories and have been here from only a few months to as long as 25 years. The interviews are combined with compelling visuals of shopping as we perceive the millions of bits of information that push us to shop

Shopping to Belong
30 Minutes, video
Spanish with English subtitles.

Director: Irene Sosa
Script:    Irene Sosa
Production: Irene Sosa
Cinematographer: Irene Sosa
Editor: Irene Sosa
Produced by: Irene Sosa
Music: Diego Silva
Subtitles: Selva Nebbia
Sound Mixing: Leslie Lavelanet

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Shopping to Belong

With the generous participation of:

Edith Silva

Roberto Guerra

Helena López

Beatris Peña

Rafael Peña

Marcela Cordero

Narcisa Valdez

Samuel Sánchez

Igor Roa

Esther Durán

Isai Victoria

© Irene Sosa

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