Playing with Lights

“Playing with Lights” is an 8-minute experimental video that deals with the mass media’s representation of the gulf war in this society of consumption.

This experimental video piece was created as a reaction to the U.S. war against Iraq and the media’s complicity with Washington’s institutionalized terrorism. My intention in this piece is to highlight the relationship between these wars and consumption. I tried to mimic what the media has done, that is, to take just a few images and use them repeatedly, over and over again, hour after hour, day after day.

By digitally superimposing images, I tried to uncover the layers of commercialism pushed by this society and promoted by the media.  The images include footage from the 1991 Gulf War taken from the television coverage in the U.S. as well as the footage shown over Egyptian television during the initial bombing of Iraq layered with footage of everyday life in New York City shot by me.

I have always wanted to produce experimental videos and this war led me to take the time to work on this installation piece. 

“Playing With Lights” has been shown as a one channel video piece the 2003 Faculty Day at Brooklyn College, and in the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. As an installation it has been shown at the Brunswick Windows, an alternative art space in Jersey City.  I would like to present it in your show as a multi-channel video installation (I have most the equipment need for this.)


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